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Legal matters involving your family tend to be very high stress situations, and it is easy to let your emotions take over. Jeffrey D. Brownstein, a Connecticut Family Law Attorney, can look at your case with a balanced eye, and use his many successful years as a family law attorney in Meriden, CT to build the best case possible on your behalf. The civil court system can involve very complicated processes, and you need an experienced lawyer on your side to collect evidence, interview witnesses, and speak to the court on your behalf.

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Meriden, Connecticut Family Law Lawyer

Connecticut Child Custody Law

Connecticut follows the Uniform Child Custody Act that includes options for joint custody and grandparents’ visitation, and considers the best interests of the child when determining custody terms. Some of the things the courts consider include:

  • The child’s preference and relationships with siblings;
  • Who can best provide for the child’s emotional, educational, physical and any other special needs;
  • Which parent is most likely to allow for a good relationship with the other parent;
  • Who will maintain a stable, consistent, loving relationship with the child.

Connecticut Divorce Law

Connecticut law allows a couple to divorce on “no-fault” grounds after they have been separated continuously for 18 months. It also includes legal grounds such as willful desertion, violence or adultery in granting divorces. Divorce courts also determine how property is split, so it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence occurs between one family member and another and involves threatening or committing violent acts . A family member could be: spouses or former spouses, parents, children, people related by blood and marriage, and those who live together or used to live together. People who are dating or used to date and those who have a child in common are also covered by domestic violence laws. The victim of domestic violence can ask for a protective order from the court to keep their abuser away.

Family Law Services Offered In Connecticut

Attorney Jeffrey D. Brownstein has over 20 years experience working very difficult family cases in Meriden, Ct. He has a long background of successfully handling fast-paced cases that involve complex legal analysis to get the best results for his clients. Getting these results can include services such as:

  • Providing legal advice specific to the circumstances of your case;
  • Interviewing witnesses and investigating your case;
  • Representing you in settlement negotiations and in front of the court;
  • Preparing you for court and keeping you updated on your case.

At the Law Offices of Attorney Jeffrey D. Brownstein, the client always comes first. Let an experienced attorney stand up your behalf and fight for your best interests.