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If you were injured in an accident you don’t have to fight the system by yourself. Insurance companies want you to believe they are your friends, but they are not.  I will do whatever I can to obtain the best possible result for you. My promise to you is that I will fight for justice, fight for your legal rights , and be there with you and for you every step of the way. Let my over 20 years of experience work for you. Trust me. I sincerely care and genuinely want to help.

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Car Accident Lawyer in Meriden, CT

Have you been in a car accident in Meriden, CT or elsewhere throughout the state? Are you in need of the services of a seasoned CT car accident attorney, a Connecticut car accident attorney with more than two decades of experience handling cases similar to yours? If so, Attorney Jeffrey D. Brownstein is the answer you seek to be your Connecticut accident lawyer.

According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation Bureau of Policy and Planning, Crash Data and Analysis Unit and The University of Connecticut in their Connecticut Traffic Crash Facts for 2014, there were more than 96,000 crashes in the state. Of these car accidents, 76 percent involved property damage, 23 percent resulted in an injury and 1 percent of all accidents resulted in a traffic fatality. This rate is roughly 2,600 crashes per every 100,000 of the state’s population.

Given the particularly high rate of crashes in Connecticut, it is possible that your need for a CT accident lawyer, but not just any of the Connecticut car accident lawyers available to you. You want a CT car accident lawyer who has not only the experience to handle your case but who can also provide you with a fair and equitable outcome. Not all CT accident lawyers are the same.

A Meriden Car Accident Attorney You Can Trust

When choosing CT car accident lawyers to represent you in your case, consider what you need for your situation. If the accident involves property damage (which occurs in 76 percent of the accidents in Connecticut), you want a CT accident lawyer who can successfully argue liability and the recover the loss that occurs from the damage. If the accident in and around Meriden, CT involves an injury, you also need the services provided by a good Connecticut accident lawyer.

Before you meet with representatives from an insurance company and accept any settlement offer, it is important to understand your rights and get the best legal representation available. Having a good, competent CT car accident attorney on your side can make the difference between being taken advantage of by an insurance company and receiving a fair and just settlement for your pain and suffering.

Attorney Jeffrey D. Brownstein is a motivated, results-oriented lawyer who is based out of Meriden, Connecticut. As a Meriden, CT accident attorney, he is solutions-focused with a comprehensive background in sophisticated legal analysis, litigation, and client relations management. He has had proven success in independently and cost-effectively managing multiple legal projects in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments for his Connecticut clientele.

He is a highly versatile CT car accident attorney, able to adapt quickly to master new roles and responsibilities. He has over 20 years experience, building a reputation for integrity, perseverance, and a hard work ethic. He is the Connecticut car accident lawyer you need for your legal team.