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Being arrested with the possibility of a conviction is stressful. I understand. It is both financially and emotionally draining. I understand that too. I have been fighting for justice, and helping people charged with both misdemeanors and felony’s by protecting  their constitutional rights for over 20 years and will do whatever I can to obtain the best favorable outcome for you. I promise I will be there for you and with you  every step of the way. Let my over 20 years of experience work for you. Trust me.  I sincerely care and genuinely want to help.

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You Need a Solid Criminal Defense Attorney in Meriden, CT

Whether facing minor charges or a felony charge you or your family member need someone to stand with you. As a Meriden, CT criminal attorney, we understand that. We will use every method of our years of criminal defense attorney experience to protect your constitutional rights, seek justice for you, and resolve the legal problem you’re facing to the best of our ability. Our experience is based on sound legal practices, a strong sense of work ethic, and the drive to serve our clients. We also care deeply about helping those facing arrest or needing other means of legal defense. When you need a Meriden, Connecticut criminal lawyer contact Attorney Jeffrey D. Brownstein at (203) 235-6655 or by email at The sooner you get our help, the sooner your situation may be resolved.

As a Connecticut Criminal Lawyer, Our Work Ethic Leads To Results

We know the law and we know the court systems that serve the communities around Meriden, CT. We work to make certain your best interests are served and that the outcome is the most favorable for you as can be achieved. We will answer your questions about the legal system, explain your charges, discuss potential outcomes, and plan legal strategies that will help you. We can act quickly to changing court dates and shifting paperwork requirements that can otherwise baffle people facing legal action. With the support of a reliable criminal defense lawyer on your side, you won’t stand alone against the system.

Our Legal Experience Provides Problem Solving Tailored To Each Case

Some of our specialties as an experienced Connecticut attorney include divorce and custody issues, child support and visitation agreements, and DUI or DWI charges. We also provide legal representation in situations involving auto accidents and personal injury. If these don’t resemble your situation, we can still help you. Our criminal lawyer experience varies broadly and whether you or a family member need legal support, we will listen and give you the benefit of our years of legal expertise.

Meriden, Connecticut Criminal Defense Attorney

When you need someone in your corner, someone who knows the judicial system and defendants’ rights, you can rely on attorney Jeffrey D. Brownstein. Proud to serve Meriden, CT and the surrounding communities, our legal staff stands by you when you face arrest and criminal charges. We will provide a free consultation to discuss the details of your case. We can sketch out a courtroom strategy, examine possible outcomes, and break down the steps we will take to represent you. When you or your family member face criminal charges, fines, possible imprisonment, and continuing consequences afterwards, let us offer the legal knowledge we have of local court systems and the legal processes you will face. You will not stand alone.